Sunday, October 15, 2006

Art Under the Bridge

This weekend the 10th Annual Art Under the Bridge Festival turns the entire DUMBO neighborhood into an enormous art gallery. More than 1,500 artists with ties to this area are participating by showing their work in exhibitions or opening their studios to the public. Many of the artists are present to meet visitors, discuss their creations and explain their visions.

Streets, shops, cafes and even parked trucks are filled with paintings, sculptures and photography while basements, garages, parks and empty buildings host performances of dance, film, video and music. This is a time to wander in and out of galleries and installations, sample styles and works, explore new media and artists and, perhaps, find something unexpected and wonderful.

Today's notable surprises include the Rider Project, a temporary mobile art gallery located in the back of two rented Ryder trucks (the roof of one is adorned with a sculpture of grass that softly undulates in the wind), Micki Watanabe, who makes books that are scuptures that are caligraphy that are art, Ryan Schroeder, creator of molded frozen casein scupltures that melt, run and eventually disappear, Alan Sanchez, whose intricate drawings and assemblages connect science fiction, childlike wonder and engineering, Gautam Kansara, who transforms documentary-like videos of his family into poignant, moving fantasies, and Katrina Remembered: The Coast Is Not Clear, an exhibit of recent works by six Mississippi artists and Brooklyn's Radhi Chakasani.

Panel painted on Water St. (1 of 4) Posted by Picasa

Panel painted on Water St. (2 of 4) Posted by Picasa

Panel painted on Water St. (3 of 4) Posted by Picasa

Panel painted on Water St. (4 of 4) Posted by Picasa

Viewing images from Hurricane Katrina  Posted by Picasa

At the Katrina Remembered exhibit  Posted by Picasa

Viewing Katrina Remembered exhibit  Posted by Picasa

The Rider Project parked on Water Street Posted by Picasa

Inside the Rider Project  Posted by Picasa

Standing in the Rider Project truck Posted by Picasa

Sitting in the Rider Project truck Posted by Picasa

Sitting near the Rider Project Posted by Picasa

Artist Hayley Severns Posted by Picasa

Artist Ryan Schroeder Posted by Picasa

  • D.U.M.B.O. Arts Center (DAC)

  • D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival

  • Brooklyn Arts Council

  • Smackmellon

  • Art-Anon & the Rider Project

  • Brooklyn Artists Gym

  • Spring Design & Art

  • The 'temporary Museum of Painting

  • Micki Watanabe
  • Marc Dennis

  • Peter Denmark

  • Jaime Logreira

  • Radhika Chalasani Photography

  • Amy Bennett

  • Gautam Kansara

  • Helen Brough

  • Eduardo Cervantes

  • Sarah Keane

  • Austin Donohue

  • Asuka Kakitani Jazz Orchestra

  • Courier-Life: 30 Blocks of DUMBO

  • Cool Magazine

    At 10/30/2006 03:12:00 PM, Blogger kostas said...

    I love these events!
    Excellent presentation.
    Have a nice day,regards from Thessaloniki.

    At 2/22/2008 11:34:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Correction. Jahdan supports his son. He also supports himself. He has been seperated for years and is in the process of divorce. Sorry that the previous was posted. This is a blog page for mentioning thoughts based on the futhering of art and culture. Please respect.

    At 2/22/2008 11:44:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Correction: Hayley Severns is not wrecking anything. Jahdan supports his son and self. He is going through a divorce. Please respect sites for furthering art and culture.


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