Thursday, May 25, 2006

Seeing "Together" Together

Tonight, in the offices of a small, local non-profit group, I attended the special invitation-only screening of a new film. In middle of a large, loft-like room, screens were erected, folding chairs arranged, a projector set up, and long tables covered with movie-fan-appropriate food (popcorn, soda, candy bars).

Friends, fans and family of the cast and crew filled the seats and watched the sort of, kind of, semi-official premiere of "Together," a quirky romantic comedy set among geeks and artists in New York.

From the film's Web site: Together was written in the summer of 2005 by Jason Hammonds and Mike Murphy. Murphy is a law student and writer at the University of Michigan and he and Hammonds have collaborated solely via the internet and phone on this project. Much credit to Emmanuel Ording, Nick McIntyre and Chad Jenkins for helpful edits and insites [sic] along the way.

The film was shot in October/November of 2005. Together takes a look inside of [the] reality and fidelity of a single man, living in NYC [and] running a business from his cramped apartment. It is a comedy with a darker side that speaks to the slightly tempestuous situations that most of us face in the course of our lives.

Smattered with characters that are just pure funny, this tragic comedy is something that everyone can relate to. The story unravels around decisions about getting married wrapped with reflections on what brought the two main characters to where they currently sit (literally at a dinner table).

This little film is low budget, but definitely not low talent.

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    At 1/24/2007 01:24:00 PM, Anonymous melalyssa-OLS said...

    Thanks for the review! Wish I could have seen Zoe in action!

    At 1/24/2007 01:25:00 PM, Anonymous melalyssa-OLS said...

    Thanks for the review! Wish I could have seen Zoe in action!


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