Monday, February 13, 2006

Snowy Sunday leads to Mountainous Monday

Yesterday brought a record-breaking snowfall. According to Mayor Bloomberg, "New York City has just experienced the biggest blizzard in its history. The 26.9 inches that the National Weather Service measured in Central Park just beat the record of 26.4 inches, set almost 60 years ago in December of 1947."

The Sanitation Department responded to the storm swiftly and cleared most of the major streets for traffic before the day ended. This morning New Yorkers woke to a bright, sunny day and the rare joys of newly-formed (and quickly melting) sparkling mountains of snow.

In a city where few people own private automobiles and well-stocked stores are on nearly every street corner, this bountiful blizzard is more of an occasion for celebration than an inconvenience. Time to skip work and school and break out the skis! Grab something to use as a sled! Find your hat and mittens! It snowed!

Sledding in Central Park Posted by Picasa

Skiing across Central Park Posted by Picasa

Grownups play in the snow, too Posted by Picasa

A snowman and friends Posted by Picasa

Dogs walking warily through the snow Posted by Picasa

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