Monday, September 04, 2006

Running Amok! Playing Amok! Clowning Amok!

Singing, dancing and playing, a group of musicians stood on the boardwalk enticing passersby to a live free show. The band, part of Circus Amok, led the crowd down Brooklyn's West 10th Street to watch Citizenship: An Immigrant Rights Fantasia in 10 Short Acts.

Mixing acrobatics, juggling, twirling, clowning, jumping, dancing and general silliness with political messages, Cicus Amok has performed in New York City's streets and parks since 1989.

The current one-ring show, emceed by a glamorous bearded lady, includes a man escaping from a wire coat hanger, clowns tumbling out of a firetruck to save a baby from a burning building, enormous puppets representing the heads of Latin American states, construction workers riding synchronized pogo stick "jackhammers", a quartet of spinning tea cups, George Bush and a trio of dancing goats.

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The band attracts passersby Posted by Picasa

The Ferocious Fernando number Posted by Picasa

Heroic Heads of State Posted by Picasa

The fire truck arrives Posted by Picasa

Help, my house is on fire! Posted by Picasa

Escaping from blue & yellow hanger Posted by Picasa

Bush's Nightmare Posted by Picasa

Pas d' Goats Posted by Picasa

Performer pile up Posted by Picasa

The master of ceremonies Posted by Picasa

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